It feels like spring

The first signs have arrived … it feels like spring! This photo of willow catkins is from the weblog of Mary Jo Hoffman. This blog posts one nature image, daily.

Duif met jong

In my pigeon coop spring already arrived. This young pigeon is a few hours old. The other egg will hatch a day later.

eelderwolde huis

This house is located near the city of Groningen, The Netherlands. I find the small house really beautiful. It is not very clear to see in this photo, but the outside wall consists of vertical planks. Both chimneys are also covered with wood. The roof is framed with a narrow strip of zinc and the roof tiles are old, even antique. Really interesting this old and new together.

Mary Jo Hoffman Judas penning

Again an image of the weblog by Mary Jo Hoffman. It is the seed pod of Lunaria or money plant.

Marion Pannekoek met hond

Hiking along the river the Koningsdiep in Beetsterzwaag. This is me dressed heavily against the cold with Jigger the dog. A few weeks ago I thought we were going to loose Jigger. The only thing she did was tremble and lay in her basket. When we touched her she started screaming. Because Jigger’s life started in the streets I don’t know how old she is. I do know that she is almost blind and completely deaf. After two days of trembling, Jigger decided to go on with her life.

jonge slaplantjes

Yes … the first young lettuce and 2 kinds of parsley are planted!