In the meantime…

In a climate like we have, it is wise to use every sunny day… And this summer so far we did just that. On the days when the whether was nice and we could afford to take of, we went for long walks or more often we went canoeing. In the northern part of Holland water is always nearby. So we haul the canoe on top of the roof of the car and drive to a nearby area with little creeks or a small lake. Yesterday we went to a lake called the Smalle E. We always take the 2 dogs canoeing. They sit in between us and enjoy the ride as much as we do. It must be a funny site because we attract a lot of stares from people who cannot believe their eyes when we drive by. Anyway… yesterday was a beautiful day, not to many boats on the water and I happened to make this picture of a duck sitting next to a cormorant.
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