Impression Lauwersland Art Trail 2016

The weather was great last Sunday. An excellent day to visit the 25th edition of the Lauwersland Art Trail. The trail runs through a wide area in Groningen and Friesland, its pretty much impossible to visit all the studios in one afternoon. So ahead of time I made a selection out of the 25 artists who participate in the route. These photos are only a small impression of what we have seen.

Above we are looking at the beautiful and intriguing work of Auk Russchen. Auk work is a beautiful location in the former court house in Aduard.

Auk Russchen Lauwersland route 2016

Auk Russchen makes tactile (wearable) sculptures. Auk uses materials such as rawhide, felt and rubber. A crochet needle is one of the most important tools she uses.

lauwersland 2016 Auk Russchen

Above some of the materials Auk uses to make her sculptures. Our dog thought they were smelling wonderful.

Auk Russchen

Auk uses a combination of textile techniques to transform raw material into exceptionally beautiful artworks.


Lauwersland consists for the most part of cultivated fields occasionally interrupted by a small river. The reeds are at their best at this time of year.

Atelier Anne Wine

This is the beautiful studio of Anne Wine in Kloosterburen. She makes big textile sculptures.

Anne Wine atelier

Here I am on my way to the garden, a small paradise behind Anne’s studio.

Kerkje Lichtaard Lauwersland 2016

This little old church is the location of a big installation made by Paul Edens.

Houtwiel Jan reinder Adema

We admired the intriguing work of Jan Reinder Adema in his beautiful studio in Damwoude. Jan Reinder works on corrugated cardboard.

Hans Sas

This is the work of photographer Hans Sas. His studio and gallery is located in Warfhuizen.

Aly van der Wal

Lastly a painting of Aly van der Wal. She lives and works in a beautiful location in Zoutkamp. The mudflats are her biggest inspiration.

Along the way we had oysters and bouillabaisse at Herberg de Waard in Ternaard. All in all a wonderful afternoon. Next weekend, is the last opportunity to visit the Art Route.

Atelier Route Lauwersland 2016
The weekends 12+13 en 19+20 march van 11.00-17.00 hours

They have a great website: Kunst aan Huis