How is Rubia?

Said enough I have lost contact with a number of people. That’s because we are no longer on FaceBook. Recently we joined Instagram. It surprises me that this platform brings us totally different contacts as on FaceBook. On Instagram I post not only about our jewelry, the atelier and my personal life, but you also regularly find an update about our newly adopted dog.

This photo of Rubia is for those who are not on Instagram. You see I don’t forget you! Rubia is behaving already like a full member of our household. Frankly, I did not expected that to be the case, the way she behaved in the first few days. She was so scared and very insecure. But she is very clever and learns quickly and easily. She is so much more sure of herself now. The first days Rubia collected all the shoes, scarves and gloves from around the house in her basket. That behavior is now over and she feels more and more at home with us.

In the picture she has just learned that it is possible to look outside through the window. She looks at how I am feeding the chickens in the garden.

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