Historical moment now lost forever

Did I miss something?

This is what I see … Marianne Faithfull falls head over heels for Alain Delon. Mick Jagger is wearing two different socks and hideous purple pants. It looks like he had a manicure. Marianne her nails are very short, does she bite het nails? The curtains are looking rather shabby and hang askew. Of course all three of them smoke. The jacket of Marianne has seen better times, it is shedding, a few threads are on the ground. And Mick’s shoes are not exactly new either.

Alain Delon has something in his hand, no cell phone because it did not exist. A portable ashtray then? And can this be right? Alain wearing panties under his pants? And finally … all three of them are so slender! An historical moment now lost forever … Did I miss something?

Via: Brightside me