Hand forged silver choker

The wood stove is burning again in the evening.

The grass that was dying last week, because of the drought, has become too wet to mow at the moment. Sometimes during the day it is so dark that I have to turn on the the lights in the house.

But the bad weather is mostly a disaster for the young swallows. Since a few days the babies have flown the nest. They still take shelter in the shed during heavy rainfall and at night they still sleep inside.

Because of the beautiful weather we had so far, the parents were able to catch enough insects for their young. There for I thought that this year would be a successful nest. There were five babies. This morning, I found one baby lying dead under the nest.

And it continues to rain and storm …

Spang van zilver en goud

As I wrote earlier, we are quite busy in the studio. This hand forged silver choker is one of our custom made orders we finished last week.

More info about this piece if you follow this link: hand forged silver choker