Gertjan Evenhuis in Museum Het Depot

Yesterday we visited the exhibition of sculptor Gertjan Evenhuis in Museum Het Depot in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Above his impressive sculpture: Het ImmerNimmer. It is the image of Charon, the ferryman who in ancient times brought the dead across the river Styx.

Gertjan Evenhuis Het Depot

The exhibition: Het torsen van de wereld by Gertjan Evenhuis, is still going on through 29 maart 2016. Location Beeldengalerij Het Depot in Wageningen, The Netherlands

Gertjan Evenhuis voorstudie boot Immer Nimmer

Preliminary study for the sculpture Het ImmerNimmer.

More often I wrote about this wonderful Sculpture Gallery in Wageningen. It is a beautiful museum where art of the human body is central.

Het Depot restaurant

It’s always a treat to visit the museum and not just because of the art but they also have a great restaurant. Above you see the restaurant overlooking the Arboretum. Click here: eat at The Depot to read the menu.

Gertjan Evenhuis beeld

I forgot to write down all the titles of the sculptures. Sorry …

Gertjan Evenhuis Het Depot Wageningen

One of the fragmented sculptures of Gertjan Evenhuis. This one was my favorite.

Gertjan Evenhuis Het Depot

The building of Het Depot is also interesting. It is an old building of the University of Wageningen, which was nominated to be demolished. Fortunately this did not happen so now everyone can enjoy the building and its contents. Did I mention Het Depot does not charge admission?

Finally, I should mention the museum shop. The shop has a large collection of art and cookbooks.

Photos by Jan Kerkstra. More info: The Depot