First sale via Instagram

As I wrote here before, six month ago our atelier changed from Facebook to Instagram. Everyday I publish a photo and recently my work payed of because our first sale via Instagram is a fact!

We are very happy because being visible on social media every day is a lot of work. Fortunately, I enjoy doing it. It is fun to show people photo’s about our profession, our jewelry, atelier and sometimes I post somewhat more private pictures.

Especially “work in progress” photos, as shown above, are very successful. Here Jan is working on the Fern pendant for the lady from The Scottish Borders who ordered this piece via Instagram.

In the meantime, the pendant arrived in Scotland and Linda wrote the following feedback: “The Fern pendant has arrived. It’s beautiful just what I hoped for. Thank you!”

Curious about this Fern pendant? Please click here to see her: Fern brooch and pendant

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