Finally nice weather!

Finally nice weather! I worked four days in the garden. The flower border is enlanrged so space is created for new plants. I hate shopping but I love to buy new plants for my flower garden.

We have a large lawn infront of the house and  I decided to let the gras grow. It will save a lot of time. I sowed some (wild) flower seeds and hope it will look like this next year.


My small herb garden is made in order. Actually I only needed to replace the rosemary because it did not survived the winter. I also planted stevia, the leaves can be used as a substitute for sugar in for instance desserts.

Below is a picture of a curry plant. I bought this plant just because I thought it was beautiful, but the twigs can be used as curry flavoring in soups.  Several lettuce plants are planted …  the long-awaited rain may come.

kerrie plant

I knew for years we had owls around the house, in the night I heard the familiar calling …oehoe. Also I found their pellets in the yard. But I had no idea what kind of owl it was. Recently, during the day I started to hear a strange kind of cry. The cry remained a mystery until last week. A client came visiting our atelier and told me, I hear a long-eared owl in your yard.

He walked toward the sound and said yes a long-eared owl, there in that hawthorn, I see him! Meanwhile, I have seen two of them, so if all goes well there will be a long-eared owl family soon!


Last week the summer exhibition at Beelden in Gees, in Gees The Netherlands opened. I wrote about this exposition before here on my blog. Throughout the summer our work will be shown in the gallery that’s located in the beautiful sculpture garden Beelden in Gees.

sieraden in Beelden in Gees

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