Extraordinary Copper Masks

When heated in a flame, metal like silver, gold and copper, becomes soft and can be bend or forged and raised with a hammer. Jan and me use this technique to make silver candle holders,  napkin rings or this vessel.

VAGABOND JEWELRY uses it to make less traditional adornments …

Kest Schwartzman graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a BFA in metalsmithing.

Kest has her own studio called VAGABOND JEWELRY and works in copper.

“I love copper. I love its color, and the way it moves, and the way it feels. I love how easily it forms to the imagination, and how grounded it will always remain. While silver calls up images of moonlight and mystery, and gold conjures sunshine and warmth, copper thinks in terms of earth and peace. Consequently, copper achieves an approachability unequaled by other metals. Copper begs to be touched, to be worn, when all other metals only desire to be seen.”

I think the masks are great looking and very intriguing to say the least …
and I imagine it’s big fun to make them.

More of Kest’s work on her blog, on VAGABOND JEWELRY or Flickr.