Exhibition Boogie Grid at Kunstlokaal No. 8

Sunday we were at the opening of the Boogie Grid exhibition, KunstlokaalNo. 8 in Jubbega, The Netherlands.

A wonderful exhibition including the beautiful work of Auk Russchen.

Kunstlokaal nr. 8

Kunstlokaal Nr.8 is an initiative by Marcel Prins and Birgit Speulman.

” We like to open our house a number of weekends a year for art lovers and artists. Five times a year we focus on an exhibition of two professional visual artists. In the summer holidays, we deviate from this concept to create a thematic exhibition of works by artists working with Kunstlokaal №8.”

Kunstlokaal no 8

Kunstlokaal nr. 8 is located in an old school.

Expositie Boogie Grid Kunstlokaal no. 8

Expositie Boogie Grid

We think it is a must! More info: Kunstlokaal Nr. 8