Cradle to Cradle

I was first introduced to the handmade bags of Weidesign last year at the design fair ”Meesterlijk” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Weidesign is the new brand of designers Chantal van der Erve and Rob Green.
They make beautiful felt and leather laptop bags. This link brings you to the online store… (sorry only in Dutch)

Large basket made of felt by Weidesign
Weidesign orange mand

Sustainability is an important selection criterion in addition to quality.
For example, recycling is taken very seriously.

Bag made of 100% wool
Weidesign handtas zwart

Has the life of your bag after a long and intense use come to an end? Send it on to Meadow Sign. The designers then use the fine materials in new designs.
Thus the product at the birth of a new life. Cradle to Cradle in its purest form!

Laptop bag made of wool and leather by Weidesign
Weidesign laptoptas wit