Collaboration between clay and silver

Peter Hiemstra is, and these are his own words, a visual artist who creates “picture stories”.

Sculptures that escape the ordinary, everyday life, visual storytelling often somewhere between bizarre and witty, honest and vulnerable.

Peter Hiemstra

A few weeks ago Peter came to our atelier and asked Jan and me to think about a silver rim for a small charm he made. It is a beautiful nice clay pendant with an image of a bear on it.

Peter Hiemstra pendant

Jan and I chose a “fairytale” approach and encased the pendant in a silver edge of “battlements” surrounded by a thread of silver “pearls”.

pendant with image of a bear

We really liked working together with Peter. I wrote about Peter and his work before, if you are interested click here, here, here and here.

Pendant with bear

For more of Peter’s work please go to his site.