Jherovase by Studio Kluif

Every year I visit The ceramics days in Oldenburg, Germany but this market is not until August and the international ceramics market Keramisto in Mook, The Netherlands is due in September. So that takes a while. Too bad I feel like seeing some good pieces of creamics.

The ceramics of Cor Unum are entirely different than the ceramic which can be found in the above markets. Yet I have found some gems on their site …

Kranen Gille meck lamp

Meck lamp by Kranen Gille

Cor Unum produces ceramics based on the design of national and international well-known designers, architects and artists. The ceramics from the Cor Unum collection are made in limited quantities and sold worldwide. To include the Museum of Modern Art in New York but also Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, Tools in Paris, Trico in Tokyo.

Reglaze serie Charlotte Landsheer

Reglaze serie  by Charlotte Landsheer