Ceramics exposition

The work of Peter Hiemstra. I am a big fan of the works of Peter Hiemstra, please take a look at his website

Ceramics exposition “Tussen Container en Creatuur, een spanningsveld in keramiek”

The exhibition will be held at Kunsthuis Secretarie, Hoofdstraat 22 in Meppel, The Netherlands and is on show until 10 May 2015. On Saturday, March 14th there is an additional evening opening (17.00-19.00) of Kunsthuis Secretarie. That day is the ceramic film festival of theStichting Keramisten Noord-Nederland, in De Plataan in Meppel.

For more information on the ceramic film festival: www.sknn-keramiek.nl

Gebak Barbara Roling

Barbara Roling

Arnold Annen

Arnold Annen