Black Beauty a tailor made bracelet

People often ask to take pictures while working on a piece of jewelry. Most of the time it doesn’t work out that way because I either forget to take pictures or they are too crummy to show. Any way … last week when Jan was working on one of our orders, I thought about it in time.

Bracelet Black Beauty is a classic in our collection. This time Jan created the bracelet in gold. The customer brought a lot of “old” gold, (broken and unused gold jewelry) which we could use to make the bracelet.

werk in uitvoering armband

The pieces of old jewelry are melted down into bars of gold.

gesmede gouden armbanden

The round shape is ultimately forged from these gold rods.

Armsieraad smeden

The bracelet starts to get it’s shape …

werk in uitvoering  goud en ebbenhout armband

… wood …

werk in uitvoering  gouden armband

… fitting …

2 gesmede banden aan elkaar gesoldeerd

and here the closure is soldered on. Curious about the end result? Just click on Black Beauty.