Big spring cleaning and other issues

It’s really spring now. Time to work in the garden and taking long walks with the dogs.

Some other issues come to mind too … but I think you should be in the mood for spring cleaning, don’t you think? So when Jan proposed to paint the atelier I was not very enthusiastic.

But now that all is done I admit it has been really worthwhile. The atelier is sparkling clean and the walls look good too.

Grote ronde zilveren ring met saffier

You can always tell by the flowers we use in which season the photo has been taken. This is a tiny little flower of a hyacinth. The ring is from our series of Flying Saucers Rings .

top by 13threads

This is the latest blouse by 13threads. A gorgeous blouse for Spring!

Almond flour banana bread

The only herb what is still usable in my herb garden is rosemary. The other herbs are just beginning to grow now that winter is gone. I baked this cake already twice. It’s a very easy …

Please click for the recipe here: Almond flour banana bread