Beautiful ceramics for daily use from Japan

Once up on a time, a very long time ago, Jan and I lived in a small artists’ community in the state of Georgia in the United States of America. We lived here together with glassblowers, goldsmiths, a painter and ceramists. I learned a lot about working with clay and learned to really appreciate this discipline.

In the picture above the studio of a glassblower and a potter in Watkinsville, Georgia.


Ceramics from toirokitchen LA

According to some ceramists, the great masters came from Japan. It was not only the simplicity of Japanese ceramics, but also with the traditional way in which it was made. Until this day they  still make beautiful ceramics in Japan.

Recently I came across TOIRO KITCHEN, a store that sells beautifully designed Japanese donabe (clay pot) products. All utensils are from Nagatani-en, a leading manufacturer of authentic Iga-yaki (Iga-style) donabe and versatile earthenware products from Iga in Japan.


Unfortunately this beautiful store is all the way in Los Angeles. But they do have a webshop. Take a look, they also have interesting recipes on their website.

Toiro Kitchen

George Mc. Cauley

In the picture you see the ceramist George Mc Cauley for his studio. George was a friend of ours in Watkinsville. He is still making pots and now lives in Helena, Montana.