Bear’s Garlic

Every year, in March, it is one of the first plants who stick their heads above the soil. Bear’s Garlic, a wonderful herb – bulb – and a protected plant. Bear’s Garlic is found in moist deciduous forests on calcareous soil in the Southern part of The Netherlands. But in my yard it grows between the gravel of our driveway in the shadow of our house. It blooms about a month and then disappears silently back under the ground.

Other names for Bear’s Garlic are: Bear Garlic, Bears Garlic, Ramsons and Wild Garlic.

Bear’s Garlic belongs to the lily. The young leaves are delicious in dishes and the smell and taste is a combination of chives and garlic. The flowers are edible and you can use them to decorate dishes. Especially in lettuce, but you can also use them in oven dishes.