Back home from Sieraad Art Fair 2015

Back home from Sieraad Art Fair 2015. Finally time to write a short report of Sieraad Art Fair and posting a few pictures. We were pleased with the look of our booth, especially the color was beautiful.

The black and white photo of our two meter long necklace NATURE worn here by 13threads was very nice on the soft yellow color.

It was a beautiful and successful exhibition for us. With this I want to thank all customers and friends for their visit to our stand. Jan and enjoyed all the attention and suport very much.

The Exibitionists Sieraad 2015

Have you seen these beautiful exhibitionists of The New Masters of the MAD Faculty in Hasselt, Belgium?

Eveline Sipkes

And the great booth of our neighbor at the fair Eveline Sipkes?

Gashouder Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

Every time its so much fun to be in this beautiful building of the gas holder …

Dusseldorf jewelry school at Sieraad

… between all the bright colors of the other booths. This is the beautiful booth of the vocational school in Düsseldorf one with a wonderful theme: “Dancing on a tightrope. New jewellery from Duseldorf. Between creativity and commerce.”

And Friday we had a visit from Lois! For those who do not know Lois … Lois is the owner of an online clothing boutique called 13threads. She designs and makes beautiful garments. She does her own photography and Lois is her own model.

We met on the Internet in 2008, to be precise we met in her online boutique where I bought a woolen tunic made by Lois. Since that time, we’ve met a few times, we’ve sold our products together at fairs in the Netherlands and in Edinburgh and there are several other nice (business) cooperations established between us.

13threads wearing The Jewelry Story long necklace

Because I think Lois her pictures are so beautiful I had asked her to take a picture of herself while she was wearing our new 2 meter long necklace NATURE. The photo would eventually hang in our booth at Sieraad in Amsterdam. Beautiful pictures have emerged from this photo shoot, this is one of them.

13threads at Sieraad Art Fair 2015

Here we are having a chat in a quit moment. Later that evening we had a lovely dinner …

Restaurant De Kas Amsterdam

… in a restaurant called de Kas in Amsterdam … eating in a greenhouse … it was a wonderful experience and a great evening … Thanks for visiting Lois!

Marion Pannekoek Sieraad Art Fair

Here a final snapshot of me in the booth. We are already back from Sieraad for a week now. The atelier is still in a big chaos, right now the orders we received at Sieraad have priority!