Back from Artzaanstad

Above the booth of The Jewelry Story.

We and our jewelry are back from Artzaanstad. Three very busy days, many visitors, a lot of compliments and we also sold a few pieces. The visitors come to Artzaanstad primarily for the visual arts. Most visitors were delighted to find there was also applied art like jewelry, ceramics and bags.

Thanks to all customers and friends who have visited us at Artzaanstad!

An impression …

Peter Hiemstra ArtZaanstad 2015

A long parade of the great works by Peter Hiemstra and Henk Slomp.

ArtZaanstad 2015 Cecil Kemperink

Ceramic jewelry and objects by Cecil Kemperink.

Frida Badoux

One of our neighbors at Artzaanstad was Frida Badoux. I liked her dolls.

The series of “Objets Trouvés” by Frida Badoux is a collection of melancholy assemblages composed of second, and found objects, driftwood of mass culture.

Frida Badoux Objects trouves

A recurring theme is that of porcelain doll heads.

Duiven badderen in de regenton

Back from the asphalt jungle and the hectic of the western part of the country … back in the tranquility of our garden, animals and nature.

The atelier must be arranged and equipped again and today we are going to make a start doing the many orders that we received in our recent Anniversary Month. Back to work!