Autumn and other things

Autumn and other things

Although it is clearly autumn, so far the leaves on the trees didn’t turn into beautiful colors yet.

In the photo above you see our latest necklace. Its made of natural Lapis Lazuli stones. The orange flower comes from our flower garden, I picked it just in time before the frost ruined it. Follow the link for more information about the necklace: A splendid lapis lazuli necklace

Marion Pannekoek wearing hat by 13threads

It was cold last Sunday and for the first time this year I wore my 13threads Tweed woolen hat.

Haan in de rui 2015

Ach … our old rooster, in beautiful autumn colors. He sure looks awful. Thats because he is moulting, at least half of his feathers is missing. The beautiful orange chickens are our young hens we bought in the spring.

Houten tuinhek cederhout

Our new garden gate. Its made of cedar what will become grey overtime. The gate has a very simple closure.