Alix Bizet Hair Matter (s)

In 2015 Alix Bizet graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Alix did so with a project called Hair Matter (s)

Alix Bizet ‘Hair Matter(s)’

For this project Alix asked several hairdressers in Eindhoven to save the hair from a week of cutting.

Alix Bizet ‘Hair Matter(s)’

With the usable hair Alix made a series of jackets which forms the collection Hair Matter (s). She did so in collaboration with a London felt expert and tailor.

Alix Bizet ‘Hair Matter(s)

Alix used afro hair for her project.

However … it’s still a bit creepy don’t you think?

More of her work you’ll find here: Alix Marie Bizet