Who? Jan Kerkstra and Marion Pannekoek



Jan Kerkstra and Marion Pannekoek. Our profession is jewelry designer and goldsmith. Our atelier (studio), The Jewelry Story, is located in a small Dutch village called Wijnjewoude.

Own design

We design and make jewelry for more than 25 years. Most of our pieces are one of a kind. All our jewelry is of fine quality and is (hand) made with love and craftsmanship. We use different materials including gold, silver, titanium, plexiglas, various types of wood and (semi) precious stones.


Inspiration is a never ending- process, sometimes just simple things in daily life are an inspiration. Furthermore, the influences of architecture, patterns and textures of fabrics and the flowing movement of dance and ballet is reflected in our work.

A yearly new collection

Each year, we design a new collection of jewelry. The presentation of the new collection is allways in a surprising fashion and in a beautiful location. If you would like to be invited to this event, please sign up here.

The lovers

The Jewelry Story is proud to have a clientele of men and women from around the world who love authentic and original jewelry. People with an eye for quality and detail, who love timeless jewelry and do not look for mainstream labels. The one of a kind jewelry pieces from The Jewelry Story are as unique as the people who wear them.

The works of Jan Kerkstra and Marion Pannekoek have won several awards. Our work is included in the collection of the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands and the Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, South Carolina, USA. For a full CV/Resume, follow this link.

Jewelry made to your wishes

Besides our own collection of jewelry, we also do custom design jewelry. We like you to know we also make everyday objects such as napkin holders, letter openers and candleholders. As are repairs and alternations of jewelry.

Repairs and alternations of jewelry

We also take care of your repairs and alternations.

Interested in a piece of jewelry?

All our jewelry is for sale in our studio, and online. A black button in this website next to a piece of jewelry tells you that particular piece of jewelry is in stock. Click the black button to send us an e-mail to let us know which piece you are interested in. Payment online is possible and we send the jewelry to your doorstep. You ‘ll find all information on this at our shop info page.

Jan and Marion