A wedding ring remake

Have you ever heard of a wedding ring remake?

Maybe you have jewelry that you really never wear, or old wedding rings from your parents or grandparents, or jewelry from a legacy you don’t like? Probably these “forgotten jewelry” can still be remade to something you like.

For example, we recently made this beautiful pendant from 2 old wedding rings that the couple brought in themselves.

The design of the pendant is inspired by a brooch from our own collection of handmade jewelry. Follow this link to see the brooch: Salt and Pepper brooch.

Would you also like to have a special piece of jewelry made by our workshop? Please visit our studio in Wijnjewoude to discuss the various options. Or call: 0516 481857 or e-mail: atelier@thejewelrystory.com

The couple  wrote us this lovely review.

“We were very happy, surprised and slightly emotional when we received the pendant made from the wedding rings of our parents and parents-in-law.

The pendant with ebony and cedar wood, inspired by the brooch “Pepper en Zout” that Jan had made earlier, gets an extra dimension through the golden rods that symbolize our grandchildren. Magnificent!”

Dick and Johanna, from Ureterp