A very successful photoshoot

Another successful photoshoot. Did you know that jewelry is one of the most difficult things to photograph? That is because most pieces of jewelry are shiny, jewelry is small and the difference in silver and gold is very difficult to catch.

We are currently making a lot of new jewelry due to our participation in the Sieraad Art Fair in early November. So time for a photoshoot! In order to show the dimensions of the rings on the website, we again had the pleasure of working with Nynke. Thank you Nynke for using your beautiful hands!

Ring with amethyst

This beautiful ring with a very beautiful amethyst is one of the results of the photoshoot.

Ring with a pink opal
And this is the ring with the beautiful pink opal. Want to know more about this ring? Please follow this link: Ring with the pink opal

By now we are a good team, Jan does all photography, I search for flowers and other decorative items, I hand the jewelry to Nynke and determine the position. Nynke knows the poses and has endless patience.