A very early spring!

The plants that have wintered in the greenhouse are already awake!

Loslopende Kippen in de tuin

To keep his chickens together the rooster crows extra loud.

Jan Kerkstra

And it is warm enough so Jan can work outside to make two extra tables for our Spring Presentation in May.

presentatie tafels voor sieraden

Last year, Jan made two tables and we liked them just fine. They are beautiful, special looking and our jewelry displays very well on them.

Marion Pannekoek in Galerie terBeek

The Spring Presentation, the second annual event to present our latest jewelry, is rapidly becoming a major happening. I managed to find three other participants who will join us and I am very happy about it!

They are: Louise Cohen designer, Ruurd Jelle van der Leij, nature photographer and 13Threads with her beautiful handmade fashion. This year’s theme is Inside & Outside.

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