A sick chicken

This is Beethoven. Its a small old chicken that has a hard time keeping up with the other chickens. Yesterday at the end of the afternoon I found her in the coop, she was sitting weirdly skewed and could not walk anymore. I put her in a cage so she could warm up and kept her there for the night. To my surprise she was up and about again this morning, she ate and now she even jumps on the perch by herself.

This same chicken has also survived an attack of a wild beast. In the middle of the night a while ago, I woke up from a terrible scream, I did not know then that chickens could scream like pigs and found Beethoven heavily battered in the chicken coop. She had been dragged from the perch by a beast and dragged out of the chickens sleeping quarters. She missed half a wing and near her mouth was a terrible tear, the chicken was unconscious. I put her down in the straw and did not expect her to still be alive in the morning.

But when I went to look the next morning she was back on her feet. Because of the tear at her mouth, I ground up all of her food for a week and fed it to her as a paste. Fortunately she is very tame and did not mind living in a cage for a week. She recovered completely.

Probably this time Beethoven has had a mini stroke. But it looks like she will get better again.