A short break

Isn’t it lovely this gorgeous hot weather? After all the cold and way too much rain I am not going to complain when it is 32 degrees in the shade. I just sort of took it easy in the weekend and even went swimming during our canoe trip on Sunday!

Today I got up real early to avoid the midday heat. We are going to take a small break to stay a few days in a B+B in Belgium. We go hiking; visit Maastricht, we booked a table in the evening at the terrace of restaurant O, in other words just a small pause and we will be back onThursday.

In the meantime I like to show you the works of Yukari Hotta.

Yukari Hotta KILE shelving

Yukari Hotta is born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, came to Denmark in 2003 from Japan and started his design education shortly after.

Yukari Hotta shelving

Among many other designs he created this wooden KILE shelving. The Kile shelving requires no screws or glue to assemble, just the shelves, uprights and colorful wedge components. Elegant and beautifully crafted, this design is a perfect balance of the best of Japanese and Nordic design aesthetics.

Yukari Hotta pegs

More designs by Yukari Hotta on his site.