A new sign

As you may know, the location of our atelier is quite rural. In the summer when all the trees have their leaves, our atelier is all but invisible from the road. It is a wonderful place to work and live, but getting people’s attention to visit our atelier and shop is not easy.

That is why we have various signs along the road and along our driveway. On the photo you see our new signboard. It is in the shoulder of the road at the beginning of our driveway. We hope the sign will invite people to walk up the long driveway towards our atelier.

When you have arrived in our studio what can you expect? You will probably find us behind the workbench working on a piece of jewelry. We are happy to tell you about our collection of jewelry, which is designed and handmade by us. You can admire, try on and buy the jewelry in our atelier. Sometimes we are in the process of melting gold that is brought in by the customer. Because our atelier also provides remake and recycling of gold to make it into a new piece of jewelry. And you can also come to us for repairs and customization of jewelry.

Opening hours and address can be found here: contact