A great custom order for a ebony pendant

Last week we received a great custom order to make an ebony pendant. The client, a woman, wrote her wishes to us via e-mail.

On our site she had seen a pendant she liked, but unfortunately it was sold. She asked us if we wanted to make another pendant, a smaller version of the one that sold? Jan, the designer and maker of this ebony pendant, told her yes we are happy to make you another ebony pendant. Jan loves working with wood. And this pendant is a favorite design from both of us.

On the photo above you see the very first beginning of the making of the pendant. The pendant is cut out.

Groef frezen in ebbenhout

Above, a groove is feared in the ebony. Later, the gold is clamped in there.

Ebbenhouten hanger

This is the pendant that has been sold. The pendant that Jan is making now has almost the same shape. But smaller, and this time with red instead of yellow gold.

This custom order went entirely by e-mail. The confidence that people have in us without having actually seen our work in real life is very special. But I can already tell that the pendan will be a beauty!