A few images of Kunst Route Aalsmeer

Above our jewelry displayed on white tables. In the foreground the ceramic work of Anneke Harting.

The week started really well because we just received a first order generated through our brand new website!

And we already were pretty happy after our successful weekend at the Art Route in Aalsmeer. Many visitors, beautiful compliments … and yes sales were good too! I even remembered to take pictures but unfortunately my partner clicked on the wrong button of the camera and almost all pictures disappeared, still some impressions …

Hehallo gedekte tafel

“HeHallo” a concept by Peter Broersma

Handgemaakte hoeden kunstroute Aalsmeer

Unfortunately, I could not track down anymore who made these beautiful hats … so sorry!

Anneke Harting was so kind to tell me the name of the hat maker. Here is the website of Zsofia.