A fairy tale place

A fairy tale place …
That is what we often hear from people visiting our atelier and store, in the Dutch countryside, surrounded by green meadows.

And then I answer, yes thank you, we do realize we are very fortunate to live in a place like this. To live and to work, since the atelier is behind our house.

For those who do not (yet) follow us on Instagram and therefore have missed a lot of photos just an update of photos around our house and atelier.

On the photo above you see our house. The hydrangeas are really great this year.

Our flower garden. In the summer I can often be found working in the garden. Because the yard and the garden is also our calling card.

I still have 24 pigeons. I let them fly at the end of the afternoon. Did you know that pigeons love water and bathing? Sometimes they even swim!

Vetplanten Marion Pannekoek The Jewelry Story

This is my collection of succulents. Some plants are up to 20 years old.

Vetplanten in de Koude kas

The plants hibernate in my tiny greenhouse next to the house.

Always fun … eating in the garden with a group of friends.

Atelier Jan Kerkstra en Marion Pannekoek

Our atelier and store.

Chickens in the yard

A fresh egg every day …

The Jewelry Story Atelier

An unexpected visitor in the atelier …

This photo is taken in spring time because the wild garlic is still blooming beautifully.

Zilveren Vleugels Jan Kerkstra

Sometimes we shoot our jewelry photos outdoors This sculpture is called Silver Wings, it is made by my partner Jan Kerkstra. More photos of this sculpture if you follow this link: Silver Wings

The last photo is our view from the studio. Do you see the storks?

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Opening times of our atelier and store
The Jewelry Story’s atelier and store from Thursday through Saturday
from 9.30 until 18.00 hours

What are the services of our atelier?
* Own collection of jewelry and wedding rings
* Design | Made to order| Repairs
* Remake | Commissions
* Reuse your gold