A beehive in the garden and a vanilla cake

Following my last post on my weblog (view from our studio), I was approached on FaceBook by an imker. He asked me where the picture was taken and whether there was more giant balsemien in our garden. Well to make a long story short, this is how I ended up with a beehive in our garden. Sometimes FaceBook is allright.

Bijen op reuzebalsemien

All along the edges around the yard blooms a lot of balsemien. (I hope this is the right translation.) Apparently bees love these plants. In about a few weeks when the blooms of the balsemien are gone the imker comes to pick up the beehive. In the meantime we enjoy the bees.

Vanille cake

Here is a beautiful photo of a vanilla cake. I haven’t tried the recipe yet.You can find it here: The almond eater