Loblolly House

Why am I fascinated by modern homes, in particular by prefab houses? Because most of the time prefab houses have a nice mixture of minimalistic and natural looks about them… The green aspect appeals to me too. I would not mind living in a house like this…

Set on stilts, Loblolly House by Kieran Timberlake Architects has a minimal footprint, and in turn, maximum impact. Located on Taylors Island, a barrier island off the coast of Maryland, this modern house blends nature and architecture in what could well be the future of prefabricated homes. The 2,200-sq.-ft. house is based on a more efficient building method. Thousands of “building blocks” that make up the house were fabricated off-site, and pieced together on location in less than six weeks. The unique home boasts a facade that “flips” open to reveal the outdoors, allowing passive cooling. Alternately, the home can be closed up to channel the sun’s energy for off-the-grid heat.

Prefab House Design in Maryland – by Kieran Timberlake Architects
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