How was your weekend? On saturday our studio is open and we have been quite busy… But Sunday is our day of and we went to the Toepfermarkt. This is an international ceramic fair, which takes place on the first weekend of August in the city centre of Oldenburg, Germany. Due to a careful selection of its exhibitors from all over Europe, it has gained an international reputation. Around 100 potters show a wide range of ceramics, from domestic tableware to one-off pieces and ceramic sculpture. I am a collector of modern ceramics and often  go to good shows like this. The first 2 photos show the beautiful work of the German potter Ursula Commandeur. Her porcelain work is all black and white. In the last picture (photo by: Old Digital Eye) you see the sturdy ceramics of Enno Jakel also from Germany. We bought one of the black and white wall hanging pieces shown in the picture. We now have 6 of these great pieces adorning our wall…
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