25 years looking for beauty

Cheesecake 25 jaar The Jewelry Story


We would like to celebrate our 25th anniversary together with you.

A glimpse of what is to come: a festive discount on your purchase, an extraordinary New York Cheesecake and edible jewelry …

Come and enjoy beauty

Our anniversary month is completely focused on beauty. May is a month during which our garden radiates an extraordinary beauty.
When the weather is fine, we will put tables in our garden to display jewelry and create lovely seats all over, so that you can savor the nature
that surrounds our atelier. Not just the atelier but also our house will be set up as an exhibition space. Our entire collection is on display and you
can look at all our work at your leisure and try everything on for size. At this very moment, about one thirds of our collection is on display on our
website, so there will be a lot of new jewelry to discover in May.

A festive 25% discount on your purchase

We are going to be honest about it: we are usually not a fan of discounts at all …
It is our philosophy that we supply originality and quality at an affordable price. However, just for this once we are going to deviate from this idea
for the sake of our 25th anniversary and give a very festive 25% discount when you buy a piece of jewelry in our atelier or through our
website in May. This discount applies to all our jewelry, except for wedding rings, and custom-made jewelry. For online purchases, simply use the
following code: 25 years of beauty. This offer is for you as a loyal customer. When you come around in May and bring along a guest, they will also
obtain a 25% discount on any purchase they make.

So, are you thinking about giving someone a special gift or spoil yourself with a beautiful, timeless piece of jewelry? Then the month of May is an
excellent time to visit our studio and select something beautiful – and get a handsome discount to boot!

Beauty tastes like more …

In order to make your visit even more festive, we will serve delicious nibbles with our coffee, tea and bubbles. These nibbles, just like our jewelry,
have a story of their own.

Original New York Cheesecake served with our coffee and tea
As you may know, we have lived and worked in the US for many years. One of the lovely gifts it has brought us is the New York Cheesecake.
This tasty cake seemed very appropriate for our anniversary, and of course we wanted you to experience the real, original taste. That’s why we have
been scanning the Internet for recipes. And we were successful in our quest, for we have found a book filled with recipes from New York, and this
happened to contain the authentic recipe for New York Cheesecake!

We have asked baker Tonny Overdiep from Taart van Tonny to use this recipe to bake New York Cheesecake for us, and after extensive test-tasting
we are convinced that this cheesecake will taste like more when you’ve had a piece!

Nibbles inspired by our new NATURE series
To make your visit to us even more fun, we will offer you Italian nibbles that have been ‘tacked together’ to take the shape of a collier.
We will present them on beautifully finished wooden boards. For the nibbles we have used our latest collection of wooden jewelry called NATURE
as a source of inspiration. Part of this new collection can already be viewed on our website. During our Anniversary Month you can admire the
entire series in real life.

Additional opening hours during our Anniversary Month of May

The entire month of May will be dedicated to our anniversary. Not only will we open our atelier to the public on the regular Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
but we will be open to the public also on all Sundays and on Whitsun Monday (May 25th). So do make sure to reserve a moment in May in your calendar
for a visit to our studio. You are welcome and please feel free to bring someone!

Warm regards!

Jan Kerkstra and Marion Pannekoek