Working with titanium

Jan and I are thinking about using more titanium in our jewelry. Titanium is a great metal, very lightweight,
it has a beautiful gray color and requires little maintenance. However it has problems too. It is very hard to saw and you cannot solder titanium. Of course, there are other solutions in order to connect metal. As for example riveting.

On the picture above you see our “Kite” brooch. The gold “bar” is riveted on the titanium with (invisible) rivets.

The necklace “Bobbers” pictured here in gold seemed like a nice project to start with.

Edelsmid aan het solderen

Here we are making new links. In a later stage, the chain links are cast in titanium. At least if all goes well with this experiment …

Oorbellen Little Basket titanium zilver

Above our latest earrings in titanium. Click on Little Basket for more info.