Work in progress

January is always a quiet month in our Atelier. Maybe everyone still needs to find his or her rhythm in the new year …

However, we currently have a couple of nice orders including  a request of a client to look for  a nice strand of Lapis Lazuli, the semi precious gemstone with the beautiful sky blue color.

It had to be absolutely the best quality Lapis, it needed to have a natural look, so not the shiny polished kind and certainly not the painted kind. Because believe it or not, ​​since the 13th century BC imitations are made of Lapis Lazuli.

strands of Lapis Lazuli

We found 3 great strands so the customer has a choice from 3 different sizes and I think we keep a strand to ourselves to make a beautiful necklace …

strand of Lapis Lazuli

Another order was for a pair of wedding rings, who for a nice change are not made ​​of gold but of titanium.

The titanium has a beautiful gray color and blends very nice with the inlaid cherry wood. More information about these rings can be found here.

We also made a new brooch inspired by our visit to a fashion show and we are working to design a pendant around a blue – green opal. Will be continued