Welcome at Inside & Outside may 17 en 18

Handmade dress by 13threads and Hip to be Square, a 2 meter long necklace made of wood, by atelier Jan Kerkstra and Marion Pannekoek.

Time is up … today we are going to set up the exhibition Inside & Outside. Some exhibitors have to come from far, some from nearby. Yesterday Ruurd Jelle van der Leij (photography) came from Poland were he gave a bird expedition, Friday morning 13threads (handmade clothing) flies in from Scotland at Schiphol and Louise Cohen (design) is coming from the western part of The Netherlands to Bakkeveen. For Jan and me it is only a 10 minute drive. We get together Friday night to set up our work at De Slotplaats in Bakkeveen. 

You are very welcome to come and visit. There is photography, handmade clothing, design and jewelry. The barometer says it is going to be beautiful weather, so hiking in the woods at De Slotplaats is a possibility too. Or maybe just sit in the sun on the terrace of teahouse The Slotplaats in Bakkeveen?

Inside & Outside
Date: Saturday May 17th and Sunday May 18th, from 1100 until 1800 hours
Venue: the Tea House at estate De Slotplaats, Foarwurkerwei 3, 9243 JZ Bakkeveen
There is parking space available at De Slotplaats.

Please see for the full information on all participants: Inside & Outside

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