Villa Augustus

Last Monday, Jan and I went for a business meeting to Rotterdam. However we didn’t have any time left to visit Rotterdam, a pity because Rotterdam is an interesting city. Maybe next time.

But I came up with another plan …  a visit and dinner at Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Today I like to share with you this really nice experience.

Villa Augustus, what a great name!

Villa Augustus

Villa Augustus is on the edge of Dordrecht. The whole complex, the gardens, the hotel and the restaurant is surrounded by a large high wall.

Villa Augustus

Entrance of the hotel. The tower now hotel, was once used as a water tower.

Villa Augustus entree

The restaurant at Villa Augustus (the yellow building) is located in the vegetable garden. Despite the early season and still many empty vegetable beds, the garden looked beautiful.

Cooking with the seasons is literally and figuratively put into practice. As a result, the menu is not very extensive but Jan and I had a delicious dinner.

Villa Augustus garden

First we drank an aperitif on the terrace in the sun. Overlooking the garden, greenhouses and the spring border.

Villa Augustus border

There is a wood oven used to roast or bake all kinds of dishes. Fish, meat, tomatoes, beets, etc. There is allways pizza from the wood oven on the menu. Every few weeks it changes with the season.

The restaurant.

Villa Augustus restaurant

All in all a very special experience! For more info go to: Villa Augustus.