Typical Dutch

Royal Delft has long been synonymous with Dutch tradition, tourism and lets face it kitsch. With the help from fresh young Dutch design talents the brand is now reinventing itself with a new series of porcelain called BlueD1653.

Three master painters designed in collaboration with designers Arian Brekveld, Chris Koens and Damian O’Sullivan as many as 22 new pieces. The collection is modern, without losing the tradition and craftsmanship of the Delftware.

The name: Blue D1653; Blue for Delftware, 1653 for the founding year of Royal Delft and D for design.

Call it contemporary nostalgia, new originality or the purest form of Dutch Design …


PS. The following days you might notice some irregularities on my blog, that’s because I am working to redesign it a bit. So if something looks “funny” or out of place … so sorry …