Typical Dutch?

This hotel in Zaandam is a design by WAM Architects. It appears to be a heap of Dutch, traditional wooden houses. I don’t know what to think about it, do you?
Gevel Zaandam hotel

The twelve-story square hotel tower is situated in the centre of Zaandam, Holland. The hotel facade is a monumental accumulation and interpretation of different types ‘Zaanse’ houses, ranging from a notary house to a typical original workers housing.
Zaandam hotel

Varied window combinations, wide bay windows and expansions, considerable overhangs as well as elegant white cornices give the façade depth and an expressive feel. Red tiles cover the roof.

The facade is built of cement based stone sidings with a wood structure, a reference to the traditional and rich ‘Zaanse’ timber construction method. It carries a range of original colors, especially green. White is used for the wooden and aluminum window frames and the synthetic cornices, gable boards and pilasters. If all goes well the Inntel hotel wil open  march 18,  2010
Via World Buildings Directory

A traditional (genuine) Zaans house…
Zaans huis