The Waiting Nail

Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy

” My works arise from observations of daily life: small events at home, street images, actions and traditions. I walk around them and examine them from all possible perspectives.
My favourite materials, my muse, are objects that are so self-evident that they are overlooked. I lift them out of the shadows and place them in the light, so that their hidden meaning becomes visible”

Bronze nail sculpture

” Borrowing art has many advantages. The borrower has no commitments, there is always something new to interest you and the view changes from time to time. But there is a disadvantage too: namely the blank space that takes possession of the wall as soon as the borrowed work of art is gone.”

Dutch design

“What remains is a hole that reminds us of what used to hang there… The waiting nail makes this spot a sign of promise. It casts its shadow on the emptiness and patiently awaits the art that will come.”

Nienke Sybrandy

Works of Nienke Sybrandy are for sale through her site.