The playfulness of Alexander Calder

I am a big fan of Alexander Calder. To be honest I can’t say I really like his jewelry, but I love the forms and shapes he uses. I’m jealous of the playfulness of his designs …

Alexander calder in his atelier.

Alexander Calder in his atelier

In the early thirties Alexander Calders friendship with artists such as Miró, Leger, Arp and Mondrian, had an impact on his decision to stop making figurative pieces. From that time on he developed a colorful, abstract language for his designs.

Necklaces by Calder

Besides his large sculptures and famous “mobiles”, Alexander Calder created unique jewelry pieces. Small sculptures to wear never reproduced for the masses.

messing Brooch by AlexanderCalder

His first creations were small accessories for her sister’s dolls, made from wire. Later on he refined his jewels, producing them in silver and gold, but he also used other materials such as brass, leather cord, colored glass pebbles, and anything else that inspired him.

Collection of necklaces by Calder