The continuing story of the brooch

Just listed a great new Brooch in  our online store. The title of the brooch is Kleine Beer, (Little Bear) and is somewhat similar to Grote Beer.

The brooch is made of ebony, silver and rose wood.

The Kleine Beer Brooch is a design by my partner Jan Kerkstra. If you like more info about Kleine Beer please click overhere

And I think this will become the next brooch!

This beautiful wood storage is my new inspiration to make another brooch.

Last week I spend some time making the two outer sides. I sawed them out of a 30 year old piece of reddish cherrywood. Now I have to frame the two pieces in blackened Sterling. Still playing around with ideas about what material will be in the middle … will continue.

All images by Jan Kerkstra, except the last one is by The Brick House