The choice of Mr. X

A few weeks ago I wrote about Mr. X from Odessa, Florida who wanted to give his wife a brooch for her birthday. His wishes were simple and clear, please make me a brooch made ​​of wood, silver and maybe a fern leaf.

So that’s what we did, we made 3 brooches and had a lot of fun experimenting along the way. Please click here to see the results …

Meanwhile we have shipped two brooches to Florida. In the end Mary Frances, the wife of Mr.X made the choice.

In the last week I received quite a few emails from people who were interested in the brooches. They wanted to know which brooch still was available. Well … the one left is the sterling silver brooch with a print of a fern leave in the silver and a piece of rosewood with the color of deep purple.

This beautiful brooch can also be used as a pendant. Below is a little more information for those of you who wanted to know more about the brooch.

The length of the brooch is 7cm. and at its widest point it is 3.5cm. The price of the brooch is € 350, – The design is by my partner Jan Kerkstra. (The brooch is definitely not heavy but I think it is best to wear the brooch on a sturdy fabric such as a jacket or a sweater.)