Sterling Silver letter opener in the works

The noise of loud hammering on metal sounds from our atelier and that’s because Jan is working on a fine commission …

Jan is working to forge silver ..

Jan Kerkstra forging silver bend silver ..

bending sterling silver

.. to measure and adjust ..

the making of a silver letter opener

.. to solder ..

soldering sterling silver

.. and to clamp the wood ..

silver and wood

It still doesn’t look like anything does it? So yes there is still a lot of work like sawing and filing to do but when it’s all done then this is the  final result.

silver letter opener inlayed with ebony

A silver letter opener inlaid with almost black ebony and another one with reddish brown cherry wood.

silver letter opener inlaid with cherry wood

Interested? Click here and get all the information.

It is also possible to add a monogram.

sterling silver letter opener monogram