Silver cufflinks and a snowstorm

Once a year we visit a small gem fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. And this weekend that’s what we did. Saturday night after closing of the atelier we left with the dogs towards Düsseldorf.
We always stay over night in a hotel near the edge of town so the next day we do not have to drive so far.

On Sunday morning we always start with a hike in the hills and forests around Dusseldorf, which was even more beautiful this time because of the wonderful white snowy landscape. Fun for us but especially for the dogs who had to spend a large part of the day in the car. Because we have been coming for years to this fair, we know most of the exhibitors and all in all it is doing business in a very relaxed way.

And this is our loot … carnelian, red coral, hematite, jasper and serpentine …

colorful semi precious beads

The beauty of it all … I wonder; what shall I create out of it this time? The way home was not easy … heavy snowfall and icy roads …

What else happened in our atelier last week? Among other things we received a commission for silver cufflinks. In case you wonder about this … yes we get regular demand for custom-made cufflinks. The wish of this client was … silver, sleek rectangular cufflinks with a rim and a monogram.

Here is the result …

silver cufflinks with momogram