Sieraad Art Fair Amsterdam 2012

Yesterday I felt a little better and Jan and I visited SIERAAD, the big international must see jewelry event in Amsterdam. It was really worth while the 2 hour trip, many new participants,
a wide range of jewelry from classic to very, very contemporary, lots of jewelry made of styrofoam coated with raisin and also more and more jewelry made in 3d design.

 An impression …

Chiara Scarpitti

Pendant by Chiara Scarpitti at Sieraad 2012

Linda Lezerman

Brooches by Linda Lezerman Sieraad 1012

Alice Bowen Chang

Alice Bowen Chang sieraad 2012

Mariko Sumioka

Brooch in Bamboo by Mariko Sumioka sieraad 2012

Mariko Sumioka

blue brooches by Mariko Sumioka at Sieraad 1012

Chiara Scarpitti

Brooch by chiara scarpitti

SIERAAD is still going on today and tomorrow. More info here